Update For Our Patients

Dear patients,

We wanted to share an update with you as to how things have progressed over the past few months.

Firstly, we would like to thank all our patients for being accommodating and accepting of all the changes we have had to rapidly implement to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In March we moved very swiftly to a total triage model, halting non-essential face to face appointments and replacing them with the either telephone or video consultations. Our GPs and clinicians, as well as our patients, have swiftly familiarised themselves with new technology enabled ways of holding a medical appointment and it has worked fantastically well – keeping our patients and staff safe by limiting the footfall into the practice.

Our Nursing and HCA team have also adapted well and whilst they have continued to see patients face-to-face for essential wound dressings and immunisations, a lot of the medical reviews have been conducted over the telephone. Patients have even had video consultations so that nurses can observe their inhaler technique for asthma reviews on our screens.

Video technology has also supported our own team to keep in touch with one another, gone are the clinical catch ups over a cuppa, we now hold virtual meetings behind our own closed doors so we can maintain socially distanced segregation.

In accordance to the guidance provided by NHS England and the Government, we are looking at starting to undertake more activity at the Practice to safely undertake more reviews at the Practice; for example, invitations for cervical screening are returning to normal recall, and we’re reviewing other routine activities that we can safely perform to avoid a backlog.

We can reassure you that we’re constantly cleaning all surfaces and equipment throughout the day, wearing appropriate PPE and taking all precautions so that we can to protect both patients and staff. We are planning our appointments carefully to avoid a busy waiting room, and politely ask that you don’t arrive early for an appointment or bring anyone else with you unless necessary.

If you are invited for a face to face appointment, please ensure that you wear a face covering or a mask when you attend the Practice.

​If you have any queries or concerns, do please contact the Practice.