Sexual Health Service

The Sexual Health Service have now moved to a new way of offering STI testing. they now offer self-sampling tests for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea via a postal testing kit.

These can be accessed on the following website:

They also off the following services free, confidential and non -judgmental via their website (as above).

  • Condoms by post – this includes C-Scheme for 13-24 year olds and 24 years+
  • Oral contraception – virtual assessment and prescriptions posted out
  • Postal emergency contraception (over 16s only)
  • STI & HIV testing postal kits – including treatment for chlamydia by post (over 16s only)
  • Virtual sexual health promotion advice
  • Photo diagnosis for lumps, bumps and warts (18 years old and over)