Flu Clinics 2021

Flu season is again approaching, and the surgery has secured a good supply of vaccines for our patients.

There is a concern that there is therefore an increased risk in our patients getting both flu and Covid at the same time this winter, which is likely to make patients potentially quite poorly.

We are running a walk through, one way, covid safe system again as we did last year. This will enable us to vaccinate large numbers of patients quickly and effectively with no waiting around and mixing which helps to keep everyone safe.

We will contact patients to inform them of these clinic times, which will be at weekends and evenings, to avoid impacting on our appointments in the week. We will start with inviting our most vulnerable patients. For those with a mobile number we will text the clinic times relevant to you, we will contact other patients by post or phone.

If we don’t have your mobile number or you have changed it, please let us know.

You DO NOT need to book an appointment for these sessions, we will book you in as you arrive and are vaccinated. This avoids tying up our phone lines for patients needing to contact us for other issues.

We have many staff who have kindly volunteered to work over weekends to enable us to vaccinate large numbers each day safely.

Our aim is to get our flu vaccine supplies into patients as soon as we get them, and clinics are timed accordingly as deliveries nationally to practices are staggered.

Please ensure you attend when invited this will help us to help you.