Practice Staff

Practice Management

Practice Managers

Mrs Shani Fairbrother

Mrs Michelle Hurley

Assistant Practice Manager

Mrs Carla J Fairbrother
For any queries when either of the practice managers are not available.


Miss Alice Blackmore

Care Co-Ordinator

Miss Connie Brown


Our administrators ensure that hospital letters are scanned onto the computer in good time to ensure that medication changes or any diagnosis is entered onto the computer in a timely manner. Other duties include summarising notes and readcoding diagnosis on computer records.

Miss Georgie Ankcorn

Mrs Charlotte Wood

Mrs Alicia Cooney

Reception Staff

Reception Supervisors

Ms Helen Noon

MrsTracey Topliss

Reception Team

Mrs Elaine Grief

Mrs Maureen Bailey

Mrs Suzanne Hannigan

Mrs Ruth Naughton

Mrs Elaine Hall

Mrs Sue Thrupp

Mrs Sue Norris

Miss Laura Sankey

Our team of receptionists carry out administration duties as well as dealing with patients face to face and on the telephone. They also help with various patient queries and direct them as appropriate.